Acrylic vs. Cement Render: Which is right for me?

Renders are important to the elevation of buildings, whether they be internal or external. They prepare the wall substrate to be adequately built out for a flat face to be painted, textured or sometimes even clad. So it’s important to choose the right render. TUFFTEX has a range of render products for you to choose […]

Why TUFFWALL’s accreditations are so important.

NATA as a benchmark for performance – why TUFFWALL’s accreditations are so important. TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System by TUFFTEX is an innovative cladding system paving the way in the building and construction industry. TUFFWALL is a pre-finished, thermal lightweight cladding system that has a high thermal rating, which means it is an extremely energy efficient […]

It’s all about TUFFWALL.

TUFFWALL is now accredited and recognised nationally. In recent months, TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System has gained all 3 accreditations: wind, fire and weather proofing.