Why TUFFWALL’s accreditations are so important.

NATA as a benchmark for performance – why TUFFWALL’s accreditations are so important.

TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System by TUFFTEX is an innovative cladding system paving the way in the building and construction industry. TUFFWALL is a pre-finished, thermal lightweight cladding system that has a high thermal rating, which means it is an extremely energy efficient product. TUFFWALL is proudly WA made for WA conditions. All its component goods are sourced locally and it is manufactured right here in Malaga. The experts at TUFFTEX have been servicing the state for over 25 years, making the brand uniquely Western Australian.

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), is Australia’s national accreditation body. The organisation gives consumers the assurance they need to make reliable and safe choices. NATA sets the benchmark for performance, by providing independent assurance of technical competence by acting as the best practice industry experts. Hence a supplier without accreditation should never be considered, as they have not put their products to the ultimate test and have no reputable quality standard.

TUFFWALL proudly holds three NATA accreditations for Fire, Weatherproofing and Wind. It has passed the bushfire resistance test, which guarantees a safe product that complies to the EPSA standard with only the highest flame retardant qualities. It has a Weatherproofing accreditation, meaning that TUFFWALL passes the static pressure wind load, static pressure water load and cyclic pressure water tests. It also has a NATA Wind accreditation which shows that the product has passed a static ultimate wind load test.

With current and approved NATA Bushfire, Weather Proofing and Wind Accreditations, as well as being a system designed specifically to suit the harsh Western Australian Climate, look no further than TUFFWALL by TUFFTEX for a cladding system you can truly trust.

For further information about TUFFWALL please visit www.tuffwall.com.au or to speak to an expert please contact Steve Kernaghan at info@tufftex.com.au or by calling 9248 8788.