It’s all about TUFFWALL.

TUFFWALL now accredited and recognised nationally.

In recent months, TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System has gained all 3 accreditations: wind, fire and weather proofing. These national accreditations give you peace of mind in choosing TUFFWALL for your next project.


TUFFWALL is used instead of brickwork and other wall products to achieve the structure, rendered finish and high thermal rating which today’s home builder demands. With expanded polystyrene (EPS) at it’s core, the TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System, with it’s Fire, Water and Wind national accreditations delivers a rendered wall finish in your choice of colour, yet with the peace of mind only TUFFWALL can deliver.

TUFFWALL is a thermal lightweight cladding system which is strong and durable and allows for any creative design and execution in line with building specifications.

TUFFWALL Insulated Wall System begins with pre-rendered flat panels which once installed, the TUFFTEX Render Application System is applied. This consists of layered render and texture to complete the system. This system is widely recognised as Exterior Insulated Finishing System (EIFS) and is growing in demand for many reasons:

Why Choose TUFFWALL?

  • Allows for any textured finish including a choice of over 3,000 colours
  • High thermal rating reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer
  • Smaller wall cavity which means more house.
  • Lightweight
  • 7 year warranty
  • High Thermal Rating – achieve up to an R3 value when using 100mm EPS option
  • Nata approved, including Fire, Wind and Water – national accreditations which provide peace of mind
  • National ‘Code Mark’ approval in progress
  • Manufactured locally at the plant in Malaga WA tailored for WA weather conditions
  • Showroom at Malaga HQ or visit our display at Home Base Subiaco
  • All TUFFWALL elements and the complete process are Tufftex developed products including the panel and render application system

TUFFWALL is leading the way in new building methods with demand growing every day as Western Australians are choosing alternative ways to build. To find out more, call 08 9248 8788